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Sahal Wallet

The world’s first ethically-compliant self-custodial DeFi wallet where you can store, manage, and exchange halal cryptocurrencies.

Access the entire MRHB Ecosystem with Sahal Wallet

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All Assets in One Place

Store and manage all your halal crypto assets including NFTs and tokenized commodities on the multi-chain Sahal Wallet.

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Private and Secure

You have full ownership of your private keys and thus your crypto assets. MRHB DeFi does not store private keys and has zero tolerance for the exploitation of user privacy and data.

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Simple and Efficient

The Sahal Wallet app has a minimalist outlook and is easy to use. We ensure that the design is simple without compromising efficiency so that everyone can participate in DeFi.

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Borderless and Accessible 

Anyone can start their halal crypto journey with a few clicks in the shortest time. There are no KYC checks or restrictions to store, transact and exchange crypto assets on Sahal Wallet.

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Gateway to MRHB Ecosystem

Using Sahal Wallet, you can access a variety of MRHB DeFi solutions such as Souq NFT marketplace, TijarX commodity exchange, and staking $MRHB to earn rewards.

Shariah Aspect

We have built a “filter” layer on top of a Wallet Connect secure framework that allows only Shariah-screened tokens to be stored and transacted in the Sahal Wallet. The Shariah Governance Board studies, analyzes, and performs due diligence on all tokens and protocols before listing them on Sahal Wallet. This gives users peace of mind, knowing that they are only transacting and investing in interest-free halal crypto.

Access the entire MRHB Ecosystem with Sahal Wallet

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