Build Halal Crypto Passive Income 

EMPLIFAI (Earning amplified via algorithms & AI) is the world’s first halal liquidity harvesting protocol where you can earn 5-15% returns from liquidity pools.

Halal Returns
Up to 15%

Earn returns from trading fees, incentivized rewards for providing liquidity, bridge protocol fees, and arbitrage opportunities. Based on the concept of Mudarabah (profit sharing), this is a Shariah-compliant way of investing assets with minimal risk.  

Evolution of EMPLIFAI

There will be two versions of the MRHB Liquidity Harvester. The level of fund management, regulatory compliance and accountability, architecture, innovation, and risk management will increase in the second version. 


  • Retail facing
  • 100% non-custodial
  • Auto-compounding
  • One strategy per vault
  • Vaults across various chains
  • Minimum fund management interjection by MRHB
  • User is responsible for optimizing yield across the different vaults


  • Institutional facing
  • Multiple strategies per vault
  • Higher level of regulatory compliance and accountability
  • Hybrid architecture utilizing arbitrage and other yield generating activity
  • Hybrid solution that implements custody in some aspects of the architecture
  • Superior level of fund management interjection by MRHB for yield optimization