Halal Wealth Preservation Solution

Trade tokenized commodities backed by real-world assets on the world’s first halal commodities DEX (decentralized exchange).

Easy Trading with Tokenized Commodities 

The tokenization of tradable assets makes commodity trading on the blockchain more efficient with the ability to buy and sell smaller units without logistical hassle.  

Currently Available Commodities


Universally valued and inflation-proof, gold and silver have stood the test of time with prices generally stable even during bear markets. These precious metals are tokenized on TijarX to promote financially inclusive commodity trading.

The ERC-20 gold and silver tokens are 100% backed by fully allocated gold and silver bullion respectively and secured by the Gold & Silver Standard of Ainslie Bullion Group Australia.

The precious metals are insured by Lloyds of London. Every quarter, global assurance firm PKF verifies not only that all the metal is there but checks newly minted metal for the serial number, weight, and purity. Through the checking of individual seals on safe units, previously vaulted metal is untouched.

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