Vote for the Future of Halal DeFi

MRHB Incentivization & Reward Offering (M.I.R.O.) is the world’s first halal crypto staking mechanism that lets you participate in the governance of MRHB Network.

Vote to Earn

Based on the Islamic concept of Ju’alah, you would need to complete a task for the MRHB Ecosystem to claim monetary benefit. The longer you stake $MRHB, the more voting power you have, and the higher the share of the reward you’ll receive.

The rewards for staking will initially be in the form of a treasury with 100 million tokens allocated for distribution over a four-year period. The ultimate goal is to transition to a model where fees generated by the ecosystem are used to buy back MRHB tokens from the market and redistribute them to stakers.

Utility Tiers


  • Voting Power
  • Access to Ju’alah based voting rewards
  • Access to Shariah Portal


  • All in Bronze Tier
  • 50% fee reductions
  • 50% Souq fee reductions
  • 20% referral bonus
  • Entry to NFT Drops
  • Entry for early access


  • All in Bronze Tier
  • 75% fee reductions
  • 75% Souq fee reductions
  • 30% referral bonus
  • Guaranteed NFT Drops
  • Guaranteed early access

How M.I.R.O. Works

Users will be able to lock MRHB for 13 weeks, 26 weeks, 52 weeks and 104 weeks.
A user will lock their MRHB and receive the following coefficients for the specific time periods:

13 weeks:
Coefficient of 0.1

26 weeks:
Coefficient of 0.21

52 weeks:
Coefficient of 0.45

104 weeks:
Coefficient of 1

Each balance of MRHB locked will be multiplied by its relevant coefficient to deduce a vMRHB balance, which is in essence the users voting power and weighted value used to calculate their pro-rata share of the Ju’alah voting rewards (MRHB emissions).

1) A new staking week is initiated every Monday from 00:00 UTC to 24:00 UTC.

2) 1 vMRHB = 1 vote. Any stakes that do not equate to 1 vMRHB will not be eligible to vote and subsequently claim any rewards

3) Every Thursday evening (approx. 00:00 UTC) the Marhaba DAO will send the scheduled amount of MRHB tokens for that week to the staking contract. Users will be able to see what their ‘Weekly Reward’ would be if they were to exercise their voting power. The voting portal will be open for 3 days for all users to vote on any approved proposals.

4) Once a user votes, their ‘Weekly Rewards’ for that week will become ‘Claimable’ and can be claimed at any time. Any rewards that are unclaimed are cumulatively added to the following weeks’ rewards for all stakers to share.

Access Voting and Governance Portal 

The portal will initially serve the purpose of building community participation, identifying core contributors and laying the foundations for MRHB Network to transition into a more robust and comprehensive Governance system in the coming years.

1) Only users with an active vMRHB balance can create proposals.

2) In the early stages, all proposals will be filtered by the internal team before being approved for voting.

3) Not all proposals will be used to drive governance and changes to the MRHB ecosystem. Proposals can also be used as a means of providing contribution. Governance points will be given to those users who provide contribution and support via proposals and community engagement in both the governance portal and Shariah portal. The MRHB ecosystem wants to identify those users/participants who have backgrounds in Shariah, coding/development, DeFi/Islamic Finance, etc.

4) There will be a private thread between users and admins such that the MRHB team can reach out and reward quality and consistent contribution through employment prospects, gifts, merchandise, special invitations etc. The M.I.R.O. Portal admins will be responsible for reviewing all discussions and proposals then assigning governance points as they see fit.

5) The Shariah Portal is another component where users can create threads and topics for discussion or requests for support.

Vote for The Future
of Halal DeFi

Vote for The Future
of Halal DeFi