What You Can Buy with Halal Crypto on MPower Sahal Wallet 

mpower halal crypto

Gone are the days when you would have to exchange crypto for fiat so that you could purchase goods and services. No more going through a long and complicated process on a third-party platform just to be able to buy things with crypto. On MPower, you can purchase lifestyle conveniences using your halal crypto all-in-one platform. MPower is a service within the multichain self-custodial Sahal Wallet that allows the MRHB Community to use their halal crypto for real-world purchases. What items can you buy with crypto on MPower exactly? Read on to find out.

What You Can Buy on MPower Right Now 

MPower is currently available only on the Sahal Web App. The MRHB Engineering Team is working hard to integrate MPower into the Sahal Wallet app that is available on the Apple and Android app stores. This development will ensure that you will have the best experience with MPower on the Sahal Wallet app. For now, you can find the categories of items that you can start buying with halal crypto on the web app. 

Mobile Services 

On MPower, you can purchase mobile services in 160 countries. It supports over 700 mobile operators that you can choose from. And each mobile operator will show the mobile plans available with the amount of crypto equivalent to the local fiat currency. Following the prompts on the web app, you can add your existing phone number, choose the amount to top up, and confirm the order.  

Virtual Prepaid Cards 

You can purchase prepaid or debit cards on MPower using crypto. Currently, three types of crypto debit cards are available i.e., Visa USA, Mastercard Canada, and Mastercard Global. Once you obtain the physical card, you may add money into the crypto debit card using the halal crypto available in your Sahal Wallet. At the time of writing, the prepaid cards can only be used in selected countries. 

Gift Cards 

The MPower platform on the Sahal Web App also has the Gift Card Hub. This is where you can purchase everyday items such as lifestyle products, gaming items, food, travel vouchers, and various forms of entertainment. These gift cards are currently available in over 120 countries. We will gradually add more countries and commercial partners as MPower grows to its full potential. 

More MPower Services Coming Soon 

Other amazing items you can expect to be available on MPower include crypto to bank instant fiat transfer and eSIM for when you travel to different countries. MPower will continue to develop to make your halal crypto and everyday life experience seamless and as easy as possible.  

The goal is to normalize the use of cryptocurrency in everyday life. MPower also upholds the grand mission of building a decentralized financial (DeFi) ecosystem that embraces ethics and Islamic finance principles thus bringing financial inclusion to the existing DeFi space. This will empower the unbanked to participate in finance without third party control and provide ease to the Muslim community that prioritizes halal wealth creation free from interest-based dealings.  

Sahal Wallet – The Gateway to Halal DeFi Ecosystem 

If you’d like to participate in the halal DeFi ecosystem right now, you can download the Sahal Wallet app on Apple or Android app store. Once your account is created, you can buy and sell halal crypto as well as purchase tokenized commodities such as gold and silver all in one app. MRHB also has other halal DeFi wealth creation platforms i.e., M.I.R.O. halal staking platform and EmplifAI liquidity harvester. Similar to MPower, these protocols will also be integrated into the Sahal Wallet. In its full form, the Sahal Wallet offers all the halal DeFi opportunities for the MRHB Community to build and manage halal crypto wealth in one easy, ethical and empowering DeFi ecosystem.