How to Use Halal Crypto on MPower to Buy Goods & Services | Step-by-step Guide 

how to use halal crypto to buy goods & services on mpower

MPower is revolutionizing the way we use halal crypto. No more going to third party platforms to exchange crypto to fiat and then buy required goods and services. You can now do this via the MPower platform currently available on the the Sahal Wallet app.

Guide to Using MPower on Sahal Wallet App 

MPower currently has 3 categories of services available for you to purchase – mobile services, gift cards, and virtual prepaid cards. Mobile services are available in 160 countries consisting of around 700 mobile operators. With gift cards, you can buy all sorts of goods and services on various platforms such as Amazon, App Store, iTunes Store, gaming platforms and more. Essentially, you can buy gaming items, food, clothes, and entertainment services using the gift cards. As for prepaid (debit) cards, currently 14 types are available via Visa, Mastercard, and Mastercard UnionPay. 

How to Sign Up or Login

Sahal Mpower seamlessly combines tradition with modernity, offering an easy-to-use interface for both the crypto-curious and the seasoned blockchain veteran. Let’s delve into the straightforward process of signing up or logging into the app to start your Sahal Mpower journey. 

  • Installing the Application: Start by downloading the Sahal Mobile App from your app store/playstore.
  • Initial Greeting: Upon visiting the Sahal Wallet app, you’re presented with two pathways – importing an existing wallet or creating a fresh one. As a newcomer, clicking on ‘Create a New Wallet’ unveils the first step towards your halal DeFi future. 


  • Agreeing to Terms: A prompt for acceptance of the terms and conditions will appear. Go through the outlined terms, ensuring you’re comfortable with them before proceeding. 


  • Password Setting: Next, you’re ushered into a secure space to set your password. A dialogue box underscores the importance of remembering your password, as it’s not recoverable if forgotten. 


  • Risk Awareness: Post password setup, the risks associated with crypto wallets are made aware to the user, emphasizing the crucial role of safeguarding your recovery key. 


  • Pass Phrase Provision: You’re then acquainted with a 12-word pass phrase, a robust security feature to ensure your wallet’s safety. After confirming the phrases, the personalization phase beckons. 


  • Wallet Personalization: Choose a wallet color that resonates with you and set a name to imbue a personal touch to your digital wallet. 


  • Landing Page Redirection: Once your wallet breathes life, you’re redirected to the wallet landing page, the springboard to myriad functionalities Sahal MPower houses. 


  • Discovering Features: A click on the burger menu button unveils a host of functionalities and settings, heralding the beginning of a tailored crypto experience. 


Each step in the Sahal Wallet onboarding process is a blend of user-friendliness and security, echoing the platform’s commitment to providing a safe and engaging environment for exploring digital financial frontiers. 

How to Purchase Mobile Services in Your Country 

This walkthrough guides you on how to effortlessly utilize mobile services via MPower on the Sahal Wallet, ensuring a seamless connection to the world. 

  1. Access Mobile Services: Kickstart your journey by tapping into the MPower section within your Sahal Wallet. Here, select ‘Mobile Services’ to explore a spectrum of connectivity options. 
  2. Select Country: Your next step is to choose your country from a list. This ensures the services are tailored to your locale. 
  3. Operator and Plan Type: Dive deeper by selecting your mobile operator and the type of plan—whether it’s prepaid or postpaid, Sahal has got you covered. 
  4. Region Selection: Further tailor your experience by selecting your region, ensuring the offerings are aligned with your local mobile service provisions. 
  5. Plan or Payment Amount Selection: Select a plan that suits your needs or enter a payment amount.  
  6. Payment Method: Choose your payment method—either USDC or USDT, aligning with the spirit of digital assets while ensuring a straightforward process. 
  7. Phone Number Provision: Enter your phone number to complete the MPower mobile service process. 
  8. Order Confirmation: Review your order details, and once everything looks good, confirm the payment. 


Voila! You have now navigated through Sahal Wallet’s MPower feature to ensure your mobile services are up and running. A few taps and you are securely connected to a network, embodying the essence of what Sahal Wallet aims to provide—a seamless, user-centric experience. Whether you are a cryptonative, a member of the Halal community, or an enthusiast exploring the digital currency space, Sahal Wallet‘s MPower mobile services can be your companion in maintaining a seamless mobile connectivity.  

How to Buy Gift Cards for Daily Goods and Services 

This guide elucidates how you can purchase gift cards for an array of services and retailers, making gifting a breeze. 

  1. Navigating to Gift Cards: Begin your gifting journey by selecting the ‘Giftcards’ option under the Mpower section in your Sahal Wallet. 
  2. Country Selection: Click on the globe icon to select your country, ensuring the gift card offerings are relevant to your locale. 
  3. Choosing Your Desired Gift Card: A plethora of options awaits! Choose a gift card from a range of offerings including Netflix, Amazon, Dominos, Freefire, and PUBG. 
  4. Amount Selection or Payment Method: Select the amount for your gift card, or if not prompted, proceed by selecting your payment method—either USDC or USDT. 
  5. Email ID Provision: Upon confirming your order details, you’ll be prompted to provide your email ID. Ensure you have sufficient BNB in your wallet to facilitate the transfer. 
  6. Receiving Your Gift Card: Once your order is placed, the wait isn’t long. You should receive your coupon code within 24 hours, ready to be gifted or used. 


With Sahal Wallet‘s MPower feature, gifting is not just about a physical exchange but a seamless digital experience. Whether you’re treating yourself or surprising a loved one, the process is straightforward, secure, and swift. No more fretting over finding the perfect gift—Sahal Wallet’s vast range of gift cards ensures there’s something for everyone. 

How to Purchase Prepaid Crypto Debit Cards 

This guide offers a step-by-step walkthrough on procuring a prepaid crypto debit card, opening a gateway to spend your digital assets effortlessly. 

  • Navigating to Virtual Prepaid Cards: Begin by selecting the ‘Virtual Prepaid Cards’ option in the payment section of your Sahal Wallet. 
  • Country Restrictions Acknowledgment: A popup will greet you, requesting a confirmation that your country does not restrict or prohibit the use of prepaid debit cards. It’s a cautious step ensuring a smooth experience ahead. 
  • Loading Amount Selection: Once confirmed, choose the amount you’d like to load onto your prepaid card.  
  • Payment Method: Click ‘Next’ and choose your payment method—either USDC or USDT on the Binance chain. Ensure you have ample BNB to cover the network fee, keeping the transaction smooth. 
  • Order Confirmation: Confirm your purchase and provide your email ID. It’s the bridge to receiving your virtual prepaid card. 
  • Receiving Your Prepaid Card: Your virtual prepaid card will grace your email inbox within 24 hours, ready to fuel your spending needs. 


This feature of Sahal Wallet’s MPower marries the simplicity of traditional spending with the innovative essence of digital finance. The process of acquiring a prepaid crypto debit card is designed to be straightforward, securing a hassle-free pathway to spend your digital assets. Whether you are a cryptonative, a member of the Halal community, or an enthusiast venturing into digital finance, Sahal Wallet’s prepaid crypto debit card is your pal for a seamless spending experience. 

MPower Your Life with Halal Crypto 

At the heart of Sahal Wallet lies the MPower feature, a suite designed to simplify daily transactions while adhering to Halal principles. MPower on Sahal Wallet isn’t just a feature; it’s a lifestyle shift towards embracing a decentralized web3 economy. Whether you’re topping up your mobile, gifting a loved one, or managing your spending through a crypto debit card, Sahal Wallet’s MPower is your companion in navigating the financial landscape with ease and confidence.