New MRHB Partnership: LetsExchange API Integrated into Halal DeFi Sahal Wallet

letsexchange api integrated into sahal wallet by mrhb network

MRHB Network, the world’s first halal DeFi ecosystem, has recently formed a partnership with LetsExchange, an industry-leading exchange platform. This collaboration upholds a similar goal of promoting a secure, seamless, and inclusive web3 experience. MRHB is grateful for the support and trust in the mission of bringing financial inclusion to the existing DeFi space by building a decentralized financial ecosystem that embraces ethics and Islamic principles. 

Seamless Swaps on Sahal Wallet by MRHB Network 

With the LetsExchange API integrated into the Sahal Wallet, the MRHB Community can experience a more seamless trading experience. The Sahal Wallet is a multi-chain self-custodial Web3 wallet with cross-chain capabilities listing only halal crypto tokens and halal DeFi services.  

Integrating the LetsExchange API into Sahal Wallet allows for easy swapping of halal crypto tokens without the need to go through external sites. Previously, the swapping mechanism between tokens of different chains was difficult and indirect. With the crypto exchange functionality via the LetsExchange API, the experience is now seamless on one simple interface within the Sahal Wallet. Moreover, the security and transparency of LetsExchange service perfectly match the ethical nature of MRHB. 

Attracting New Audience onto LetsExchange 

By listing the MRHB Token ($MRHB) on the LetsExchange platform, the company hopes to attract a new and diverse set of audience that upholds ethics and halal principles. Seeing the halal crypto token listed on LetsExchange, the faith-based audience will more likely be compelled to participate in crypto trading. Not only does this increase traffic on LetsExchange platform and the use of $MRHB, but this symbiotic relationship is also encouraging more people to participate in decentralized finance. This is crucial to further encourage DeFi towards becoming the mainstream financial system. 

About LetsExchange 

LetsExchange is an industry-leading exchange platform, supporting over 3,800 crypto coins and tokens, the highest number of cryptocurrencies across the entire market, for seamless instant crypto-to-crypto swaps at competitive rates (particularly for considerable sums). The platform also provides various services, including buying & selling cryptocurrencies for over 60 fiat currencies, DEX, Telegram bot for crypto swaps, cross-chain swaps, and profitable affiliate programs. 

About MRHB Network 

MRHB Network is a safe and user-friendly platform providing interest-free DeFi, NFT, and halal crypto asset opportunities. The vision is a complete ecosystem that offers a wide range of DeFi solutions based on Islamic principles, i.e., halal DeFi. To make this vision a reality, MRHB Network invites everyone – experts, novices, and excluded communities alike – keen on catalyzing an ethical, sustainable, and inclusive financial system to participate in this award-winning halal DeFi ecosystem.