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leadership lessons from hajj by startup founder MRHB Network

As a startup founder, Naquib Mohammed is no stranger to the importance of vision and strategy. Those have been key elements in building his startup, MRHB Network. Being a halal DeFi ecosystem, MRHB also gathers inspiration from Islamic teaching, which has essentially been the company’s backbone. Recently, Naquib embarked on the sacred pilgrimage of Hajj. He realized that there is one element that often gets overlooked by many startup companies – the value of bringing sincerity to intentions. He observed and believed that authenticity is key to building a successful enterprise.

Value of Hajj Applied to Startup Business

lessons from hajj mrhb network

Hajj emphasizes the importance of sincerity in all parts of the journey. For deeds to be accepted, pilgrims are encouraged to perform each ritual with a pure heart and a genuine desire to please Allah.

In the startup world, this translates to approaching your work with a sense of purpose and a deep commitment to your values. When building a business based on sincerity and authenticity, customers are more likely to trust and support you. 

Power of Introspection for Growth

Another lesson that MRHB CEO learned from Hajj is the importance of introspection. As Muslims, we are encouraged to reflect on our lives and seek forgiveness for our transgressions.

In the startup world, introspection can help you identify areas where your business may be falling short and take corrective action. By approaching challenges with humility and a willingness to learn, we can build a stronger, more resilient enterprise.

Community Is Key to Success

Muslims travel from all over the world to complete the Hajj pilgrimage. They congregate at the same place to do the same rituals together. This has taught Naquib the value of community, especially one that strives towards the same goal.

In the startup world, building a strong community is essential for success. You would need to cultivate trust and a sense of belonging to the company for your goals to be achieved. By fostering relationships with the community, early investors, and supporters, you can create a network of support that will help the business thrive.

Resilient Amidst Challenges

The most important lesson that the MRHB Founder learned from his experience with Hajj is that of resilience.

In a harsh climate and absolute absence of the comfort that Naquib had in his daily life, he had to continue despite deteriorating health and uncomfortable situations. Determined to complete the Hajj, he kept the ultimate goal in sight, all in the hope of attaining the pleasure of Allah.

At MRHB Network, we take these lessons to heart so we may build a community that is grounded in sincerity and authenticity. Our team is committed to delivering value to our community and making a positive impact in the world. We believe that by bringing sincerity to our intentions, we can build an ecosystem that is not only successful but also meaningful and fulfilling. 

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