Year One of MRHB: Halal Crypto Achievements

year one mrhb halal crypto

The end of 2022 marked Year One of the successful deployment of the first three MRHB Ecosystem halal DeFi products. From the continuous addition of halal crypto tokens into Sahal Wallet to the ability to trade tokenized commodities such as gold and silver on TijarX. MRHB had a fruitful year achieving its goals and carrying out its mission to bring financial inclusion into the existing DeFi space.

Download the Year One of MRHB report here. 

World’s First Market-Ready Halal DeFi Ecosystem 

In our whitepaper, we explain that we are releasing our products in 3 phases. In the first few years of MRHB, we will be focusing on Phase 1. This includes the Sahal Wallet, Souq NFT Marketplace, TijarX Commodity DEX, MIRO staking platform, and EMPLIFAI liquidity harvesting. 

“We are building an ethical, halal on-chain wealth creation ecosystem for ALL” –   Naquib Mohamed, CEO & Founder of MRHB. 

Sahal Wallet – halal crypto DeFi wallet 

The Sahal Wallet is a SuperDapp Gateway to the entire MRHB ethical DeFi Ecosystem. It is the world’s first halal crypto wallet meaning only Shariah-compliant cryptocurrencies are available. Sahal has cross-chain capabilities and is currently integrated with Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, Avalanche, Cronos and Fantom chains. More will be added as the app evolves and if they satisfy the Shariah criteria. 

TijarX – tokenized commodity DEX 

TijarX is the world’s first halal commodity DEX solution. It currently offers affordable and accessible gold and silver commodity trading. The tokenized gold and silver are fully backed by the physical bullion. They are secured in a reserved vault of Ainslie Bullion Group Australia. 

Souq NFT – open marketplace for NFTs 

This Halal NFT marketplace offers content creators and businesses access to ethical communities. Besides minting and collecting NFTs, Souq NFT also offers B2B NFT solution in the form of Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) for businesses. At the time of writing, MRHB Technical Team is adding more features and support to V2 of Souq NFT coming soon! 

MRHB Token Leading Halal Crypto 

Did you know that the MRHB Token ($MRHB) received a 10/10 score from Hacken Audit? Now you do! The leading cybersecurity firm Hacken conducted our Smart Contract Code Review and Security Analysis. They concluded that $MRHB is “well secured” with “no issues”.  

Successful Fundraise and IDO 

We had 1,000 investors who are geographically diverse. Vesting contracts were deployed with tokens moved for seed, strategic and presale round allocations assigned. Furthermore, MRHB team members’ grants were locked for a full year post launch. This was an important community protection mechanism preventing ‘pump-and-dump’ schemes.  

Loyal MRHB Community Worldwide 

In the first year of MRHB, we have grown and nurtured a passionate and loyal community base. MRHB currently has over 95,000 active users and 7 telegram channels that represent different languages. 

Recognized by Global Media 

The story of MRHB has been widely and organically covered by top media companies such as Forbes, Cointelegraph, Nasdaq,, and InvestorPlace. 

Experience Halal Crypto with MRHB Network 

mrhb ethical defi

As MRHB continues to grow, so as our partnerships. We have cultivated 30+ strategic partnerships with institutional and technology partners. These include Polygon, Ainslie Bullion Group, and the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum. 

MRHB had also made its presence at the World Halal Summit in Türkiye and the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies in the United Kingdom. 

We are only just starting the ethical DeFi revolution. We are building more halal DeFi products to complete the MRHB ecosystem. This is in line with our mission to provide easy access to an ethical financial system for the 1.7+ billion unbanked and faith-based communities. You can help in our mission by downloading the Sahal Wallet app and participating in halal crypto investments. 

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